Disneyland Trip Tricks

So this past week I went to Disneyland with the family. All four kids and hubby. Both my hubby and I dreade this trip because although we knew the kids would have an absolute blast, we the adults would be working our tails off to make sure we had everything to make it as stress free for ourselves as we made sure the kids had fun. To my rescue came my sissy. If you do not know my sissy you are missing out on life. She likes to organize, boss you around, and bestow her wisdom on you-all while smiling. I let her do all that the night before our trip. She organized outfits for all four children and my hubby and I. She packed up our food bags, carry-into-the-park bags, and told me how to keep my stroller organized throughout the trip. (She hates messy strollers in Disneyland, beware she is going next week and could be checking out your stroller!) She even handed me her secret weapon...the camera case. This little camera case is where she stores her lipgloss (to keep herself pic perfect) her blush (for a mid day pick-me-up) her compact (to keep her looking refreshed and renewed as she would say) and her phone, camera, ID and money. So, she allowed me to borrow this secret weapon. I added a small bottle of purel to keep my kids as germ free as one possibly can in a park of millions of diseases and germs flying everywhere! I being the good sister that I am, followed ALL of her tricks for a successful trip in Disneyland and I have to say that this trip was one of the most stress-free trips. I always was ready for a picture, my stroller organized at all times, and my camera case on me~ready to snap that picture moment, wash my kids hands, and pay for anything without having to move too far. Thanks sissy...you should write a book.
me with camera bag...kids taking picture of happy parents:)


She IS pretty awesome!!!!
Michelene said…
Maybe Sissy can make our next trip to the happiest place on Earth this good. I really do not like going there and take a couple years off at a time because one of the kids is at the age where they don't likes masks. We are really close to needing to go again, out of parental duty. Soph, to the rescue. You and John are smiling! That's good.
Wow!! What a blessing!! Trips are certainly a lot of work, but you're also making memories! So worth it! Glad you guys had fun. Disneyland is simply magical :)

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