So my girls turn 5 and 2 on April 26th and April 29th. Seeing as their birthdays are so close together I combined them this year and decided to throw what I now call a "Blogified" party. I chose to do a Pinkalicious party because my girls LOVE pink and their room is pink and they only like to wear clothes that are it was the perfect theme! In February I started getting inspired by all the blog parties out there. Boy are there some talented ladies out! I tried to "blogify" my party...and let's just say...blogyfied is what happened in my garage.  Here are some pics of the pink event. I had SO much fun planning away and finding inspiration from all of you out there. Hope you get some ideas as well...and keep "blogifying" your parties!
I was mostly inspired by the Olivia Party over at Heavenly Blooms. And the popcorn cones I found at Hostessblog The water bottle labels I ordered from BigDayCreations and the rest of the labels on the candy bar and cups I created using Microsoft Word. The table coth on the candy bar is an old table cloth I had and I bought some touling and my friend Alf "showed" me how to do it...she is the talented one whoe got it done:) Thanks Alfie! My lolipops I pruchased from and I spray painted a basket I had, bought some fake grass (because I didn't have time to grow it) and propped it all up with some styrofoam (Thanks to Gina for the great idea!) Thanks to all my friends who let me borrow their stuff...Mich for more pink tissue balls, Melissa for the awesome Ostrich feathers, Robyn for the lemonade jug and silver drink bucket, to Alf for her sewing abilities, my sissy who keeps me on task-house clean-and lookin' like I am ready 24/7, to Alex and Bri for running the show and cleaning up my garage, Annette for helping out during and after, Mamie for cutting out all the charms for the bracelets the girls made, and my husband for letting me go wild with a staple gun in our garage for an entire week. Oh and my neighbor Randy who let me put my crap in his garage! And all my friends who came and were so generous with the girls, we love you all!!!


Corn said…
Hi, I am a friend of Stephanie's and she told me to check out your amazing party since I am doing a Pink, Pink, Pink party for my daughter in a few weeks. You did an amazing job!!!!! I was just wondering where you found or how you did the labels on the candy vases, lemonade, etc. If you wouldn't mind emailing me to let me know I would really appreciate it. I just love them. You really did such an excellent job for your girls.
Corinne Soares
Michelene said…
I'm so in love. you buried our Pinkalicious party. So fantastic. I cannot wait for one of their weddings. You rocked it, Nina. Start dreaming of Candyland! Yikes.
LOVE this party! YOU did an amazing job! Congrats!!!! :)
Angelena said…
Wow I would have never thought that's your garage!! Everything is so so pretty!!
mamabearstamps said…
This looks fabulous!! Great ideas!
Oh WOW Nina!!!! Definitely pink and oh so girly!!! I love it :)
Michelle Temple said…
This looks awesome! How fun!!!

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