Oreo Lolipops

For my Pinkalicious party I dipped some oreos in white chocolate, which I made pink with food coloring, and then stuck a lolipop stick in it to make it a lolipop of course! I got the idea from Heavenly Blooms Olivia Party. It sounded pretty easy, but let me tell you, it was quite a process...I must have gone through 50 Oreos and got 24 looking good...but from it I learned some tricks that might help you if you attempt this yummy dessert for your next party. First you need to melt your candy bark or candy melts. I got the candy bark from Savemart during Christmas-it's the only time I can find it there-or if you use candy melts I buy those from Michaels and they come in pink so you can skip the dying step. Then you need to open the oreo cookie (this is where I lose some because they break) and stick your lolipop stick in the melted candy and then in the open cookie. I found that double stuffed oreos worked better. Then close the cookie back up (gently so you don't break more) and dip in the candy melt. Then set on parchment paper and wait to dry. When you are all finished, wrap in small clear bags and tie with a bow...voila! Enjoy!
 I used both white regualr chocolate ones.
These were the ones that actually turned out.


star said…
Love those! Can you tell us how you made the pink lollipo box?

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