Oroweat Bakery Outlet

Just had to share a litle place I love and frequent often. Oroweat Bakery Outlet. Today I purchased a total of 16 loafs of bread for a wopping 18.30! I like to stock up my freezer with bread so I always have some on hand for the millions of lunches and sandwhiches one can make with four children and a husband. I didn't just buy generic bread, I bought Oroweat wheat bread, Fransisco Sourdough, Thomas bagels, and hogie rolls galore! There was even a new thin Thomas bagel that my kids have already gone through a dozen! If you haven't visited yet, it is right by the infamous City Lights on Clovis Avenue...I know, interesting location. But for some reason my hubby always likes to go with me...wink-wink!


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