40th Bash-Part 1

So, my husband's & Bro-in-law 40th Bash is over...all the thousands of hours put into this one night paid off...it was a HUGE success. Mainly due to the help of all my friends...Chad built my photo booth, did all the lighting, gifted us a Porta-Potty, and Annette watched my kids over night so I could have fun ALL night long. She also watched them as I set-up for the party...love my friends! Staci came back and cleaned with me after the party and Michelle A. watched my kids during the week so I could get some errands done...love you all!!! Oh and my sissy and hubby and bro-in-law...both of whom spend hours doing SO much! It was so much fun!!!! Now back to the reason for this post...in this Part 1 of 40th Bash I am going to focus on an element which was one of my favorite parts of this Bash. It was my Photo Wall.  At first glance one might see just a boring wall with a hole cut out in it, a square hole that is.
But if one were to take a much closer look at this photo wall, one might see the amount of fun one or more can have with this wall...

You see, it's not just a wall with a square hole...it is a place where moments are captured and fun is being had by all!!! This was so much fun and my good friend Chad built it for me. This will now become a staple of mine in all my party Bashes...enjoy!

I copied this idea from Celebrations at Home Blog. She shares lots of wonderful ideas there and I stumbled across it and had to have it!!!  Part 2 coming tomorrow...Candy bar details.


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