Christmas Gifts=Money Savers....Thank you TARGET!!!

Okay, so I went back to Target today to use some of the toy coupons I have burning a hole in my pocket. I left the store paying $10.73 when I should of paid $51.27, and it was all Christmas Gifts!!!

Leapfrog Tag Book BOGO=$9.99
Minus $5.00/1 Online
Minus $5.00/1 Online
TOTAL=$0.00 (it worked, thanks Thrifty Couple)

Fashion Barbie BOGO=$10.09
Minus $5.00 Barbie Coupon from Target (I'm thinking you probably could've use 2 and gotten this free)
TOTAL=$5.09 for two Barbies!!!

1 Disney Princess Barbie=$8.99
(I just found my 50% off any Disney Princess Item from Ad-don't know if Doll would count for Barbie, I am going to go back and see) Technically you could get this for $4.49 if it does!

Minus my $5.00 giftcard from some purchase a while back
Minus Redcard savings .46 (every penny counts!)

TOTAL=$10.73, a $40.54 dollar savings!!! Woo-hoo!!!


Alejandra said…
need to star using coupons,but no sure how any tips?? pls..

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