My Plan at Target

So, with my new found love...the Thanksgiving book of coupons, I plan to do some serious I did take a couple of books when I found the goldmine, but I did leave plenty for my fellow friends...always follow the coupon rule! Anyways, with their sales this week and a few added coupons from Target, this is what I plan to save tomorrow...I am so excited I kinda want to go right now!

Swanson Chicken Broth on sale for $.50
Buy 8 cans=$4.00
$1.00/4cans(from the Book)x2=Minus $2.00
Plus Target coupon (from register from previous visit)=Minus $1.00
TOTAL=8 cans for $1.00

Wesson Canola Oil on sale for $2.00
Buy 2=$4.00
Minus 2 coupons @$1.00=$2.00
TOTAL for 2=$2.00

Digiorno Pizza 2 for $9.00
Buy 2=$9.00
Coupon $1.00/1 (use 2 from Ads this week)=Minus $2.00
TOTAL=$7.00 for two pizzas!

Carnation Evaporated Milk on sale $.89
Buy 2=$1.78
Use $.50/2 from ads this week=$1.28

Glade candles 2 for $5.00 Plus receive a $5.00 giftcard if you buy 5 products
Buy 5 candles=$12.50
The Book has $1.00/1 (use 3 or more if you get your hands on more)=Minus $3.00
Manufacterer's coupon $1.50/2=Minus $1.50
TOTAL=$8.00 for 5+$5.00 giftcard=it's like paying $3.00 for 5!!!!

Parhcment Paper 2 for $5.00
Buy 3=$7.00
Vons had coupons for $1.00/1=Minus $1.00
Land O Lakes Butter boxes have $1.00/1 (I have 2 of those)=Minus $2.00
TOTAL=$4.00 for 3!!!!

TOTAL before tax=$23.28
PLUS 5% off using my Target Debit card=$22.12
+$5.00 giftcard
It's like I paid $17.12...for 22 items!!!! Have fun!!!!


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