40th Bash Part 2: Candy Bar

So for my husband's 40th he wanted a candy bar, since I do them for other people all the time, he wanted a really good one. So I did my best to do the best for this monumental birthday.  I had Posh Pixels do my labels and invitations. I asked for the labels that she had done for The Hollywod CAndy Girls...love how they put together candy bars:) So I did a little copying with the lolipops (which I found at the Dollar Store for only a dollar!!!!) Since it was a 40th party I used the boy's pictures from when they were 4yr old.; which I blew up at Kinkos for only $3.00 each! I simply used the candy that both boys liked the most.  I even added some Kettle Corn for my brother-in-law...he LOVES that stuff and so did everyone else! The cakes were from Eddie's Bakery, we kept that part simple. I later added some lights throughout the jars to add a little more spark to the candy bar! Over all I think this was a huge hit at the party! Thanks Posh Pixels and The Hollywood CAndy Girls for your creations and inpirations! This was my take on it:)
I borrowed these martini glasses from a friend who purchased them from Home Goods...they have come in VERY handy these days!

I purchased all this jars from Home Goods and they took about 2 and a half bags of candy from Costco.  The lollipop sticks weren't long enough to stay upright in the jar, so I taped them to a longer dowl that I purchased from Michaels...I think I lived there during this candy bar!

I LOVE this slim conatiner I found at Home Goods...I have used this one the most to hold the  treat bags for all my candy bars...so nice!

Close-up of the snow cones used.

Licorice is one of my husband's FAVORITE candy!!!

Kettle Korn was from a local guy here is Fresno starting out a side businesss, Scott Brown, he even delivered it to the site!!! It was great!!! I used snow cone cups for serving.

I attempted to to create a 40 sign out of tissue by following the directions from Prudent Baby, but I think their's was cuter:) It took FOREVER!!!! But it was fun!


Kellie said…
Absolutely adorable!!!

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