Getting organized for back to school was quite an event this year. I spent a whole week preparing outfits, cleaning house, haircuts for four kids and one hubby (I did the boys, friend did the girls for me in exchange for dessert!) washing clothes, cleaning out old clothes and toys, filling out paper work, purchasing school supplies for both kids and teachers, washing car inside and out (that was disgusting, totally paid for that) grocery shopping (since I haven't cooked dinner all summer), and last but not least, creating charts to help us be more organized! I have done SO many charts I really don't stick to just one. I try many, and throughout the year. It seems whenever I do a new one, we (the children) become more interested. This year I have taken on the Dugger Jurisdiction method. Each child gets a "jurisdiction" or "area" they are in charge of. And they are then responsible for that area. Here is our chart.
So you can see I use both pictures and words for my younger ones still mastering reading. If you have the kitchen it consists of wiping down counters and unloading and re-loading dishwasher. Bathroom consists of wiping down counter (with clorox wipes, I buy generic for half the price and they use one a night) leaving NO toothpaste behind-including the sinks! And wiping down toilet and floor in case there is water left behind from bath time. Outside consists of picking up towels and hanging them up to dry and picking up all the clothes left behind from changing into swimsuits...and last but not least great room is cleaning up that area by putting back pillows on sofa, picking up any toys, shoes, cups, etc. This helps me with chores and the only reward is getting your dessert! Done with stickers and rewards costing me more than hiring someone to do it for me!

Then, I made a Routine Chart which kids use to keep them on track in the morning. I think I should make a night routine chart as well. It went really well this morning and I didn't have to repeat my self a thousand times!  I got the idea from How Does She? I created this on Printshop like they said and got most of the pics from the site they offered. I also looked some up on Google.  I think I have to tweak it a bit and add a few things, but this is just a good reference for the kids to get used to a routine again. I like this procedure because I don't have to stick stickers on 10 different things 4x! 

My little man looking SO big in this picture!

My sweet pea starting full day...where has the time gone?

The lover of the family...biggest heart I've ever met;) Big boy today!

Little spit fire waiting to join the big wigs at school...we had to pretend with a sign!!!

The same spot I have taken pictures of all my Kindergartners!

Besties in class together! So cute are these two!

Mrs. Reagan...has had all my kids so far!

She's ready!

Niko had A LOT of books on his desk this morning!

Snuck in at lunch and caught these two sitting together in the cafeteria...caught Kenzi in the middle of lunch...literally!!!

So after all this work, we had a successful morning! Hurray! Love these moments, trying to soak them up and breath them in! Will savor these for as long as I am allowed! Enjoy! And I hope you had a wonderful First Day...


Holly said…
Yes, great & simple charts that the kids can easily follow. I need to get back at it with ours. Start having these boys pitch in a little more.

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