This has gotta be a good life, good life

This past weekend I was able to enjoy a care-free life with  my hubby for 4 days! We lived it up in Vegas and played like we were 21 years old and had no responsibility to anyone! We laughed, we danced, we hung out. Just me and him and some close friends as we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. It was like we were boyfriend and girlfriend once again! I just loved our time. Had our make-up done everyday after lounging by the pool all day, tanned, mani/pedi, hair made up, dresses and heals every night. Lots of fun was had by all! And of course, it ended all too soon and we were quickly thrown back into the swing of life. Life...this life we try to escape from for a few days and rest and re-energize ourselves and our relationships. This life that we do everyday to the best of our ability. This life that we wake up to everyday and re-live over and over. We wake up, start our day, face our challenges, enjoy our coffees, our jobs, our house, our activities, drop off, pick ups, try new things, make dinner, clean up dinner, clean up ourselves, our house, and go to sleep to wake up and do it again. Vacation just takes us away for a small moment and give us renewed energy to keep doing it. Everyone needs a break, a time to NOT live our lives. We came back on Monday in the afternoon...came home to my 4 babies, my stowaway, and my niece and nephew-break was over immediately! Oh, but this much we love it...this has gotta be a good life. Left the glitz and glam, the pampering, the dressing up and feeling like a pretty young thing, back in Vegas and put my workout clothes on, no make-up, flip-flops, ponytail, sweated all day long taking kids to camp, entertaining them with water parks, ice cream, and laughter...this has gotta be a good good life. Good, good life.
We have 12 kids between the three of us! This has gotta be a good life!


The "J" Crew said…
It was a great time. You have made the past 10 years so awesome. Looking forward to 10 more great years. Your the best!!! Johnny "The Squirrel" Jones!!!

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