Sitting here watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians, an old episode, but one that I might remember for a bit.  One that spurred me to my blog to write. During this particular episode Kris Jennar, the mom who has really been the brains behind this family realizes how she is missing these "moments" of her teenage daughter's lives and how she wants to be a part of those "moments" before there aren't any to be a part of. And I thought about my week I just had. Full of parties for friends and clients, ups and downs, and moments. Moments that will shape who I am. Moments with friends, family, and events going on all around us. I took this picture today after I took the kids school supply shopping. This was a moment I thought about a lot today. Here my kids are excited about picking out pencils, glue, binders, paper, etc. Excited to pick out a pink scissor and the package of markers that had their favorite color. Excited about their outfit that will shape this first day of school picture that mom always takes in front of the black door with a sign. And I think about their faces and how this moment was captured and one I will hold on to dearly. Simple moment in my life that makes me excited for all the moments we will have together. Life can be so good with these moments we continue to create. So instead of folding the 5 loads of laundry awaiting me, I am enjoying this moment that puts a smile on my face. A peaceful house, sleeping children who were exhausted tonight, sleeping hubby who loves me so much it humbles me. This moment of pure happiness, totally enjoying it, blogging it, remembering, anticipating even more. Moments...we have so many moments, don't want to miss a single one.


The Garud's said…
My eyes began to well up when I read this. I was thinking about these types of moments this morning also. Reflecting and looking forward to beginning of our days of school.

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