It ain't easy being cheesy!

So it's February...hard to believe it's the LOVE month! I feel very blessed to have a husband who LOVES me SO much and one that I LOVE equally, although he says he loves me more! (LOL) So I thought for the next 14 days I would celebrate the love of my life! (Sorry it's a little cheesy!) I am so lucky to have a man who works his tail off for his family, who loves to play with his kids, who thinks I'm hot, and who will be perfectly content with a bowl of cereal for dinner when my life gets too crazy and I have nothing to cook! And last night my friend, Christina Patricio, invited friends over for a little craft night. We were creating a deck of cards labeled with 52 Reasons why we love who we love...which kicked off the month! I thought it was a little cheesy and that my husband would laugh that I made this for him, but when I gave it to him he was so impressed and sat and read through it all, chuckling a bit on the ones that brought up fond memories. I guess you forget that once when you were dating you would do cheesy love things to show your man how much you love him. I need to get back to that because obviously Johnny gets a kick out these types of gestures. If you want to create this at home for your man, all you need is a deck of cards (53 of them) one for the cover, and a good hole puncher, rings, and some cut paper and a sharpie pen and you're set to go! Oh and some ribbon to make it a little pretty of course! Happy Love Month!


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