Nina's Cafe

WOW! Where did February go? I swear days are going by faster and faster!!! Okay, maybe not, but it sure feels like it. As we end February and enter into March I thought I would share with one a silly dinner I do with my kids whenever I feel lazy and don't feel like cooking.  Anyways, every now and then I play Nina's Cafe...a Texas Paula Dean version who owns her own cafe and serves up whatever's on the menu. My kids get a kick out of these dinners and I get to pretend I am someone else, accent and all! Now Athena tries to be southern and it's just the cutest thing! So, this particular night Athena had a friend over and she is an only child. I can only imagine what goes through her head when she is hanging out at our house. Not a quiet moment occurs while she is here and someone is crying or whining 24/7. So I decide it's Nina's Cafe night. I think McKenna left that night a little scared, wondering if maybe Athena's mom is a little nuts! Anywho...we proceeded with menus and I with my apron on, note pad in had, taking orders. Now, if we have unruly customers, we sometimes have a cop who helps out, hubby, he known as Officer Jones and he takes unruly customers outside until they agree to behave. We practice manners, sitting and having a conversation, and how to order politely! We even practice our southern accents...oh the memories! Happy Leap Year!


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