Valentines Day

This Valentine's day I did not get dolled up for my husband, I did not get a babysitter, I did not go out to dinner with  my hubby, I did not receive any flowers or a card that I signed from my husband to me every year. No I did not get any of that...I ran around to class parties, dance classes, take care of my mom,  made dinner for myself and kiddos and cleaned it all up. Couldn't wash my dishes properly because my disposal is broken so the trash stinks in my house. My kids wouldn't go to bed, and as I am writing this I am exhausted knowing I still have laundry to put away and a big project to get ahead on at work that I brought home(which I never do). My hubby is at his basketball game, which he probably will not win again (bless his heart, in basketball world we say "we're young this year"-simply meaning it is going to be a long year) My kids are still up and NOT sleeping, my house still smells, and my laundry is still on my bed. I needed a flashlight tonight, but couldn't find one because my children break everything. And then it hits me in my pity party, a sweet Valentine, handwritten by my son who can see it hasn't been an ideal day. And for a moment, my heart remembers that even though life is tough, it is so good. Happy Valentines...


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