Back To School Lunches

So school is just around the corner...I am both excited for another year of memories and lessons, but also a bit sad to say good-bye to lazy afternoons by the pool and staying up way too late watching the Olympics. But, with school comes lunches...the dreaded lunches we have to pack everyday! I have to pack four, some of you have to pack five or six a day! Anyways, whether it's one, two, or more it's a chore, one we probably don't look forward to. I have been doing some research on Pinterest (I love that place) and have learned what some mothers out there do to make their mornings a little smoother. And here is one idea I have put into practice: Freezing sandwiches. I have done turkey and cheese in the past, but I found out through Pinterest you can freeze PB&J (why not, we buy them frozen) and Bagels and Cream Cheese! So, today I made 24 PB&J, 24 Bagels and Cream Cheese, and 24 Turkey and Cheese, some without Cheese-they have the red letter on the baggies. I have a stand up freezer in the garage where I stash all of these. This will last us a month...Anyways, here are some tips...
1. Turkey and Cheese:

  • I don't use mustard, I pack that instead with those travel packs from Smart and Final
2. PB&J:

  • I put PB on both sides and jelly in the center and I don't cut in half.
3. Bagel and Cream Cheese

  • I don't slice, but cream both sides.

  • The kids pack their own lunch the night before. They choose one sandwich of their choice and then they get their snack basket down (trying this for the first time this year) and pick two snacks. Then a small water bottle and lunch is done!
  • Sometimes, we appoint a person a night to be the lunch packer and they would do everyone's lunch that night. We like to switch it up sometimes...
Good luck with your lunches...let me know your ideas! 


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