Happy Birthday Sissy

Fresno has been a little quieter these past few days. Friendships have been without their biggest and dearest friend. Restaurants have felt the slow in lunch time diners. Two very special little people have missed their mother's quirky little tunes and animated stories. And one very lonely sissy misses her most enthusiastic partner in crime. You see, Sophie I. Garcia has left the building; actually she has left the country and those left behind miss her presence. But we all remember her tonight as it is her birthday and even though she is miles away, the love and attention she gives on a daily basis to each and everyone who crosses her path is celebrated! I want to wish her the most happiest of birthdays. Her unselfishness is unsurpassed and her love is the most unconditional I have yet to experience besides my parents. I wish to be more like her in my relationships and my life. To love wholeheartedly and with every ounce of your body is what my sissy does and I have really missed it this week. My kindred spirit, chosen by God and hand delivered into my life, my sissy. Happy Birthday to you my dear sweet sissy. I've tucked your babies in tonight and sang them their songs-although not as good as you do every night-but good enough to get a giggle and a hug. Enjoy your highly anticipated vacation back in Greece where I'm sure you are pouring out your love to all our family members we haven't seen in years. Happy Happy Birthday...xoxo


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