The Kitchen Table

The kitchen table. One of my favorite places in the house. It's where homework gets done, art projects are started and finished, where papers gather and people gather to share their day's High's and Low's. It's where our family sits and enjoy good food and good laughter. It's the hub of the house. Everything revolves around this one place made to bring everyone together. It's where I have my morning cup of coffee before everyone wakes up. It's where my kids laugh and tell me about their day. It's where the food is displayed during a party and the place I have set up a multitude of candy buffets. It's where my kids pray for our meals and spill their milk. I can't tell you how many times I have cleaned up glue, glitter, butter, crumbs, water, syrup, sauce, and sticky mysteries. It's my home, my heart. And growing up it was my favorite place in my home. It's where my dad would lead us into a Greek prayer song every night. Where my mom would serve her
homemade meals. It's where she eats her meals now, not prepared by her but her caregiver, not surrounded by her children, but my dad. And they sit and enjoy one another and dad tells her about his day and she smiles. It's where there is love, a whole lot of love.


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