My favorite thing...

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On the eve of Easter I wanted to share one of my most favorite products right now...I LOVE this!!!! It really works and it will save you a bundle if you are a facial person who loves a good chemical peel or MicroDermabrasion peel (ignore spelling on that one). I recently read on another blog (I can't remember which one!) about Oil of Olay's MicroDermabrasion peel kit and how amazing it made her skin feel. So, in my constant search of products to keep my face looking younger, I tried it! $22.00 at Target and I had a $3.00 off coupon~who could go wrong with that purchase! I eagerly went home and tried it that night. It was amazing. My skin felt soft, layers of skin felt like they had been removed and my skin was so tight. I loved it! I use it once a week~you can use biweekly or even once a month. I'm feeling younger and my skin is looking great! This is my favorite thing...doing mine tonight so I can look my best tomorrow!!!


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