She is my mother, I am her daughter

You can't tell, but she is laughing here because I was taking too many pictures

Tonight I spent the evening taking care of mom just like she used to take care of me for so many years in this very house. I remember walking these halls when I was young and this house filled with life. And as I clean her up after her meal and help her drink her water, I remember those younger, youthful days. Mom was always cleaning up after dinner while we got ready for bed. And as I stand here tonight in front of the same sink she stood so many years ago, washing all the dishes from  dinner, I let out a sigh of sadness reliving my mother's footsteps. I helped her in the bathroom, she still is so modest, but this is what she used to do for me. I push her wheelchair and think she used to push me too. And here we are full circle, one evening out of many where my heart is filled with what used to be. I love my mother. I love our time together. She may not be able to tell me she loves me, she may not be able to do much for herself, but I can. She cracks a smile as I enter back into the room from shutting down the house for the evening. With her withered body, weak and frail, she lifts her hand and rests it on me. She is my mother, I am her daughter.


Unknown said…
That was beautiful Nina. It brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful picture of what our Lord did for us.
Many Prayers,
Anonymous said…
I want to share what I know about alzheimer's disease. Though many doctors say the cause and remedy is typically unknown, for some people it is due to shock. For example, some people who suffered from shock or tragic events in their life may shut down their brain and block the unpleasant event. However, this is still curable or possible of being stopped from progressing if there are other family members to take care of them and "ease" their pain from that shock or tragedy.
So, what caused your mother a shock or tragedy? Was there an unpleasant event that happened with someone she loved dearly (death, children, marriage, injuries, etc.)? Did someone close to her heart betray her, or abandon her, moved far away, or other shocking/tragic events happen during or close to the time when her disease began? This requires tracing back through the years to find out what actually happened around the time of your mother's illness. I hope you and your family are able to stop your mother's disease from progressing further. It is unfortunate to see someone like her (sacrificed her whole life) just to wither away and disappear from this world.

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