It Takes a Village

It takes a village to raise a family...I am thankful for my village. I am thankful for my husband who picks the kids up everyday after school. I am thankful for my friends who car pool with me to Madera for gymnastics 3 days a week! I am thankful for dear friends who pick up my daughter for dance and my son for play dates during dance. I am thankful for my sissy who is always there in an emergency crunch to save us from a late pick up. I am thankful for my dad who always takes in any child that needs a place to hang and teaches them how to eat like a Greek boy! I am thankful for teachers who will text me and I can text them to save me when my child in another class, not even in their own, forgets to turn something in and they are there to save the day! I am thankful for my neighbors who will keep a watchful eye out for my kids as they ride their bikes in the neighborhood and cross the street! I am thankful for my dear Campus Club staff who always welcome my 4 children every morning. They love that place and speak passionately about every instructor there. Thank you for my soccer coaches who run practice for 2 hours after a busy day at their own jobs and the parents who will watch my Zoe as I squeeze in a workout around the school. I cannot and would not ever be able to do this on my own. There would be no way to be successful. So tonight as I lay my weary head on my pillow, I am thankful for my village, my crazy little village who continue to make me do what I can do everyday. Good night, my dear sweet village! Until tomorrow!


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