Menu Sept. 30-Oct. 4th

So with working full time now I have had to re-think dinners in a house full of after school activities and 6 different schedules and one TIRED mama! So, instead of my monthly grocery planning and cooking, I have become a weekly grocery shopper/dinner planning machine! A slower working machine, but still working. So here is what this household will be eating (hopefully) this week!

Monday-September 30th
Beer Braised Carnitas Burrito Bowl
~Burrito Bowls

Tuesday-October 1st
One Pot Wonder Tomato Basil Pasta | Top & Popular Pinterest Recipes
~One Pot Wonder Pasta

Wednesday-October 2nd

~Chicken Risotto

Thursday-October 3rd

Friday-October 4th
~Jack Daniel Tri-tip BBQ sandwiches on the go to some high school football game
(Package from Costco...simply heat up and serve on Hoagie Rolls, wrap in foil and go!)


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