The BEST PB cookies...ever!

Omgoodness...let me tell you what I found! The best peanut butter chocolate cookies ever!!! They were super quick and easy and they turned out perfect...if I do say so myself. The kids ate them up and so did a few others. I found this recipe on Here is how mine turned out...I did not have any PB chips, but I think next time I am going to try these without the chocolate...I hear some of you gasping, but I like plain PB cookies:) The chocolate chips were from King Arthur's Flour...remember my favorite baking shop? Boy were they shiny in my cookie dough! Enjoy!
My cookie dough, which tasted super!

My little cookie dough ball...covered in sugar!

Fresh out of the oven...I baked mine for 8mins

Cooled and ready to devour!


Michelene said…
Making these tomorrow, they look yummy.

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