My new favorite pasta sauce!

I have to give a shout out to the Giada line at Target. My sister ranted and raved about the Giada Tomato Basil sauce for the last month and was sad how they hadn't restocked it at Target. So when they did, I had to puchase a jar at 2.99 (I usually only pay a dollar when Vons has a 10/10 sale, but I splurged the 2 dollars for this magical experience!) And boy was my sister right! I have to say this is one yummy sauce! It was like I was eating out at an Italian restaurant! The family gave great reviews! If you have a chance, pick one up and doll up your favorite pasta dish! Enjoy!


Ann-Marie said…
Sounds great! I saw that line and wondered about it - now I'll try it for sure!

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