So my kids LOVE donuts...duh, what child doesn't? (There might be some out there) So, when I saw this new pan to bake donuts at home, I HAD to purchase. Let me just tell you that King Arthur's Flour is baker's haven in Vermont...a majestic store for the baker in all of us. I found them online and had to order their chocolate chips and this donut pan. Visit them online if you LOVE to bake...they have great recipes and cool ingredients...anyways, back to my donut story. Made these yesterday for St. Patricks day since my green pancakes were NOT a hit at home. My kids all thought they were disgusting looking! Anyways, I is in pictures my time with my new favorite donut pan. It is a must buy, they were delicious! Making the chocolate recipe next and pink of course for the pinkalicious party to come!
My little helpers in their green!Fill them up too much and you just get muffins.No holes in the first one, but still yummy!Proper way of filling up the pan. They look like donuts.Add some glaze, and voila! Enjoy!


YUM!!! These look SO good!! My boys and I are going to have to try some. Although, I may just go the lazy route and make little donut balls ;) By the way, your little helpers are adorable Nina!

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