Quick and Easy Dinner Tonight!

Last night was a quick and easy (and super cheap) dinner. I like those nights where the dinner is actually VERY simple, but everyone likes it and it's their favorite meal. It's those nights that you feel like super mom. So I am going to share what has become a staple around here thanks to my mother-in-law Sandy Jones. I LOVE when Sandy Jones comes to stay with us for a few days. Not only can she take care of ALL my children, and clean the house, but she has the best recipes up her sleeve. Again, nothing fancy, but quick and easy and everyone's favorite meal! (she is turning 70 this next month too...amazing!) This dinner we will call Sandy Jones Pasta...she is the one who taught me this trick so I will give her credit. (Some or all of you have done this before, it will be no surprise, but I always enjoy making this-I feel like a real mom when I do this).

Sandy Jones Pasta
1 jar Prego sauce from Costco (any will do, I used 2 small jars of prego last night that I got for 1.99)
1lb ground beef (or more if you like it meaty-I used my FREE 1pounder I got from Vons a while back)
1 box or pkg of pasta (any will do. I used the Eat Right Wheat Rotini 10/for 10.00 from Vons)
OPTION: For those less picky children, saute some onion and add to your ground beef)

In a sauce pan brown your ground beef. Drain fat, put back into skillet; add sauce and warm.
Boil pasta of choice and combine in a pot.

Voila! Dinner is ready...This meal cost me $5.00. I fed my whole family (6) and my mother with leftovers. My daughter had two bowls and my husband did as well.


The dinner was also kinda healthy...imagine that? Some wheat and fiber...mmm!


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