Pink Purse Party

So I had the pleasure to help out a friend with her daughter's Pink Purse brithday party. And after weeks of planning and loads of fun, the birthday was a success. We took a little inpsiration from all over the Blog world. TomKat's Fairy Party (the back drop to the candy bar), Bella Grace Party Designs (pink balloons up in the ceiling and their partner tags) and many different blg sites that I visit frequently! Candy Warehouse (online) is where we got most of the candies as well as out local Winco (pink pretzels) and Powelles Candy shop in Clovis (Pink Popcorn, Pixie Sticks (sml/lrg), Lolipops) Target (pink twinkies, Orbit gum, Animal Cookies, licorice). The cake was adorable-done by only the best Frosted Bakery in Fresno. The purses were purchased from Target. Fabric from Home Fabrics and jars/cake stands/etc. my house:) My friend was a great apprentice-she did everything I said-it turned out great! Enjoy some pics and have a great weekend! Next party is a graduation party I am helping out out for that dessert bar!


Wow, wow, WOW!!! You are SO creative and talented Nina!! Seriously.... do you sleep? Ha! Ha! Because you've always got something in the works. Once again, amazing job!
You did a beautiful job! Can't wait to see the graduation dessert bar.

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