Being a parent of a School attending child

Being a parent of a school attending child can be both fun and frustrating! Fun because you get to meet new friends, have a schedule, see your child thrive in education, and make your child be the student that you were. So when my Niko started kindergarten three years ago I was full of excitement! Being a teacher before my motherhood life cycle came around, I was sure I would be a parent of a bright child who would never forget their homework, lunch, box tops, and gifts for the teacher! So in Kindergarten I had that type of control....yes Niko came to school with his homework-but then he wouldn't turn it in and I would have to make him go back to the classroom to turn it in-always with his lunch-which he never had time to eat-and plenty of box tops-which I saved for a whole year prior to being in school and he NEVER turned in.  You would think I would accept this new type of student...unlike my perfect self in school...but I didn't, I kept thinking he would be different in the first grade.  First grade came around and well let's just I think we had the first SST in the entire school and the only one to ever pee or poop in their pants and go throughout the day without complaining...pick up was delightful. Being average-which I always tried NOT to be-is what my Niko is in school. This was VERY difficult to accept, but this year in second I have accepted being average. Knowing this is who Niko is as a student is very freeing...I have to clitch my teeth with the D's on tests that come home asking for a signature-ouch!-and count to ten when he doesn't want to do his HW or read every night, and pray every morning for whatever my Niko brings home...I believe I will live a little longer accepting my son for whom he is and encourage him to grow as best he can...however, Athena and Loukas have started school this year. Maybe these will bring me my joy for being above average:) LOL...and then we still have Zoe...she will start in a few years!...Loving the joys, tears, and laughter of motherhood and learning so much! Enjoy your babies...


Holly said…
Oh Nina, you are speaking my language here! Eli is only in the first grade and homework time is a constant struggle for us. I'm still trying to accept that this is just how he is.

We can show God's unconditional love in the way that we choose to react to our children. Thanks for sharing and reminding us that other mommies go through the exact same struggles!

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