Deals at Target

'Tis the season to shop...and get the deals!!!! Went to Target tonight and bought what came out to be
$74.00, but I paid $30...yes $30!!! That included a Christmas present (DVD/Blue Ray Combo) Beauty and the Beast!!!! Here is the breakdown...

2 Wheat Thin Boxes=$4.00
Minus $1.00 off Target Coupon
Minus $1.00 off Nabisco Coupon from Safeway(on a display)x2
TOTAL=$1.00 for 2 boxes!

2 Doz Eggs=$2.00
Minus .55/1 (online coupon)
Minus .55/1 Safeway Coupon Book
TOTAL= .90 for 2!!!!

2 Land O Lakes Butter= $5.00
Minus $1.00/2 Target coupon
Minus $1.00 (in box)x2
TOTAL=$3.00 for 2!!!(these are usually $3.98 for 1)

2 Coffee Mates=$3.00
Minus $1.00/2 Target
Minus $1.50/2 Thanksgiving Book of savings
TOTAL=$.50 for 2!!!

Beauty and the Beast DVD/Blue Ray Combo=$24.99
Minus $5.00 Target Coupon
Minus $9.99 Disney Coupon

1 Cream Cheese=$1.19

2 Wishbone Italian Dressing=$3.40
Minus $1.00/2
Minus .75/2
TOTAL=$1.65 for 2!!!

2 Eggos =$1.92
Minus $1.00/2
TOTAL=$.92 for 2!!!

2 Cool Whip=$1.78
Minus .55/2 from Target

Cuponk game=$7.00
Minus $5.00/1

2 Skippy Smooth Peanut butter=$3.70
Minus .75 Target Coupon
Minus $1.00/2 Safeway book coupon
TOTAL=$1.95 for 2!!!

And then I used my Red Card for another $1.51 off

Minus Coupons/Red Card/Sales $44.47


Michelene said…
Getting organized for this tomorrow morning. Today is Costco. yikes. I got the Safeway book and have been clipping Sunday ad. I want the Disney coupons. Gotta look for those. I did not know you could use multiple coupons for one product. SCORE! Thanks girl!

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