I was driving down the freeway yesterday and a Brian Adams song popped on the radio. It immediately took me back 14 years ago when I was younger and so care free! Yes, it's the cheeseball saying older folks use and I just used it! I'm officially old-er. But it's true. I was 22 driving to LA with my roomatte and co-worker. We were driving down for cheer competitions and we as the coaches and program director needed to lead our team. It was all about us, just us. We were semi-independent, living on our own and teaching. It was all about us, no one else, but us! These were the good times. Younger, skinnier, healthier, and so confident we flirted with a neighboring boy in a big truck. How daring were we? Smiling back, slowing down, laughing. Since I was driving my roomatte opened her window and strangely enough handed him our phone number. Not our cell, but our home phone! That was smart. He did call too, but we didn't get the message till the weekend was over! We weren't as smart I guess! But these are the moments, the moments that create our lives, that make us who we are. They are the moments in life you realize I should've appreciated who I was back then, because I was pretty good! Gone is that youthfulness, I feel it everyday as I see my skin sagging, my gut growing, weight easily being put on and SO difficult to take off. It's the thinning of the hair, the wrinkles on our faces, and the grown-up acne! Who knew, right? As much as I LOVE my life right now and appreciate all the ups and downs, those 20's we a good time, I wish I had enjoyed it more. Time IS truly fleeting, and youth is so quickly gone. I hope my kids enjoy those years and I hold on to the youthfulness I still have somewhere. Throw-back-Thursdays...a day to reminisce and hold on to what you have today, because soon today will be my Throw-Back-Thursday memory!


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