The Doctor Visit

Had to take mom to the doctor's office yesterday to have her skin checked, as it is getting very line and can easily tear and bleed. So a dear friend of mine got me into her husband's dermalogical practice in one phone call and we planned on attending by 9:30 am (which is early for Effie-caregiver-because mom usually is up and ready by 10:30) But she got her ready by 9:00, I dropped off all my children by 9 to their locations of educational practices. I quickly drove over to the house to find my mother and Effie a little frantic as the alarm was going off and all the power was obsolete. Apparently today was the day PG&E had a scheduled power outage. Mom needs her meds blended into orange juice in order to take them, so Effie did not know what she was going to do. In that moment I walked in, turned off alarm, grabbed hand blender, plugged in my power outlet into my car and was blending meds and orange juice in the drive way outside-problem solved. Off we went. Since we were going out into the world, mom was dressed in a skirt and matching top. We walked all together to the her doctors apt. and as we walked she said so eloquently in her Greek of course, "Do I look alright?". Ugh...tears..."Yes," I said, "you look beautiful!"


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