Whimsical Wednesday Birthday Cake

In April we have a lot of birthdays to celebrate. The two most important ones are both of my girls! Born 3 years and 3 days apart, these two girls have brightened up my life! Especially my April. So this year in the quest to make the best birthday cake ever, I have found one that just might be the winner. With it's simple recipe, I think this might become a tradition for every member of the family. Wish me luck and have a whimsical Wednesday! 
Recipe can be found HERE


Allison Vasquez said…
I have two girls that are 3 years and 16 days apart. I'm wondering, do you celebrate their birthdays together or separately?
The "J" Crew said…
I used to celebrate together. I just started to give each their own celebration this year. Athena is turning 8 so we are doing a day trip to American girl and Zoe turned 5 and had a big celebration of her own at pump it up.

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