A Little Revamp~Reshape

Every now and then there are some corners in my home that need some love and attention. And there is one very ugly wall in my home that I haven't done anything to since I took down my 3 hanging iron candle holders. I see it every day as I enter my bedroom and it really is an eye sore. So here we are 3 years later and I have a plan. Since my room has been recently changed to the ever trendy yellow, gray, and teal combo, I thought to bring that look into the foyer of my master suite! So here is a little DIY that has brought a smile to my face when I enter my room.
Here it is...I see this EVERYDAY as I enter and exit my bedroom. You can even see the smoke residue from a candle I lit to be oh so romantic...once.
I listened to my friends at HGTV and they told me taping is everything! I already had the gray paint from my bedroom project so that was free, tape and a new roller and sponge...$7.50 
I did not prime as I was lazy and just was eager to paint this gray! I did about two coats.

Here is the finished project! I bought this frame from Aaron Brothers. It was originally $79.99, but I got a coupon and spent $35.06, or something like that...my next order of business is to find a family photo I can blow up to a 16x20 to finish it off! All and all, I LOVE my little revamp~reshape! Hope you do too!


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