(me and my sissy with  my dad. My brother lives out of state-not in picture) defines the word integrity as  a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In refers to this meaning in ethics as the "honesty and truthfulness of one's actions." An internal consistency of virtue. If you were to read on you would find amongst many great historical figures in our Nathion's history like Abraham Lincoln a man by the name of Paul A. Dictos. An immigrant who wanted to achieve the "American Dream". A man who came over with his family, a soon to be bride and $200.00 in his pocket. I remember listening to this story as a child. He  was so proud to have come from so little and be able to provide for a wife and three children and own his own business. This was his dream, along with many high hopes for his children.
And on this Father's Day 2013 I can only honor this man who continues to be my dad with this one simple, but heavily weighted word Integrity. In this day and age a man of integrity is hard to find. But my dad has been consistent in doing what is right in his business, in his marriage, in his relationship with his children, in his relationship with Jesus Christ, in his relationship as a son and father, and in his most current position in a world of no integrity...politics. I am so proud to call this man my dad. He has never wavered in his internal belief of being honest and truthful. He lost a few clients in his business who didn't want to be honest, he's made some enemies in politics because he has chosen to do what is right for the Valley. He took care of his mother who suffered multiple strokes as long as a son could possibly do on his own. And when he couldn't anymore he would visit her everyday at the home where she was able to be taken care of. He never used a penny of her money for himself, he always used it to give her the best care she could possible have. During the holidays he would bring her home and wash her feet in our lego buckets and sing to her. And today, he does the same with his wife. He keeps her at home with the best care and washes her like he did his mother. This is a man of internal consistency of character.  His actions are never selfish, always taking care of everyone around him. He still takes care of me to this very day. He always fixes my problems, always takes my hand and encourages me to be my very best. He hurts when I hurt and rejoices in all my successes. He believes in me and would do anything for me.  He always ends our conversations with "I love you more". I never tire of hearing those words.  I am blessed beyond measures with a father of greatness and proud to call this man my dad. I love you dad and am humbled in the presence of your integrity. Thank you for showing me what this word means, Happy Father's Day to the greatest dad in the world. 

Your Ninaki


Nina, what a testament to his dream. He loves you like Jesus loves us. I can imagine no greater joy. What an incredible example he is leaving for your family. Sacrificial love. You are one blessed girl.
The "J" Crew said…
Thanks Mich! You always have a way with words! Happy Father's Day to you, I know your dad's not physically here, but I know he was a great man and a great dad and he is always in your heart!

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