This week has been full. FULL of car rides between Clovis High and Clovis North, picking up and dropping off kids to camps. It's been FULL of children in my house from the pool and back inside. FULL of messes of spilled watermelon, melted ice cream, crushed gold fishies, and sticky lemonade drops. FULL of car problems, surprisingly NOT the Honda. FULL of sadness as a dear friend's father passes and a family friend's baby girl struggling to breath, and a mother slowly deteriorating before my very own eyes. FULL of no interviews or job prospects for next year and FULL of bills adding up for all the various activities and bottomless pits in this house. And as I was driving today in the 1995 Honda, I cried out to Jesus, where are you? I ranted off the list above and questioned the presence of Jesus. Where are you? Where is my job for next year? Where is this baby girl's healing? Where is the life of my friend's father before Father's Day? Where or where are you God? (Yes I am the crazy lady besides you on the rode in my beat up Honda that refuses to die talking to herself-that's me) Since there is no radio in the car that will never die, I drove in silence after all that. 
Surprisingly I was reminded ever so gently...
I'm Here. See Me. I'm Right Here. See Me.
See me in the car that is able to take you from point A to point B. See me in the bills that have all been paid for for the month. See me always providing for you and your family~no one has yet to go hungry. See me comforting your friend with family and loved ones all together, under one roof, being together; loving one another. See me in the safe helicopter ride baby girl took today to heal her lungs. See me in the continual care your mother gets from your father and the love she has all around her. See me in all your children's faces, smiling and dancing around in the summer sun. 
HE is here, taking care of me and you. 
I pray you enjoy this summer and see beyond the FULLness of your life. 


Allison Vasquez said…
Thanks for this. I needed it today. I appreciate your openness and authenticity. Here's to a FULL summer!

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