Death By Chocolate

So my husband texted me today asking if I could make a dessert for his work BBQ tomorrow. I was so excited because my hubby NEVER asks me for a dessert...he is NOT a dessert person unlike myself. I think I spent all week making caramel popcorn, sugar cookies, cake pops, and monkey bread...holidays always get me.  Anyways, eager to hear what he would want me to make for his friends (I was thinking cake pops in his school colors, maybe a batch of my highly requested sugar cookies, or maybe my chocolate covered oreos that everyone has been asking for these days).  And out of his mouth comes "How about Death By Chocolate?" Really? That simple dessert that takes me but 5 mins to assemble? Really?  Really, that is what he asked for. And I made it of course and was reminded that even though this recipe is SO simple, it is an all time favorite. A classic. When I first got this recipe from our school's secretary, I fell in love and made it all the time any time! It was named Death By Chocolate, because you originally had to freeze skore bars and beat them to death and use throughout the dessert. Now I just buy the already crumbled toffee bar.  This dessert always takes me back to Reyburn Intermediate where I used to teach and all the morning breaks spent in the back teacher room with good friends and good food!  So, here are the ingredients, I hope you enjoy...I should of dyed my whip cream orange in light of it being Halloween and all, oh well, next time!

1 box brownies
2 boxes instant jello chocolate pudding
1 Large tub of whip cream
1 1/2 bags of Heath English Toffee Bits (found at Savemart)

Make the brownies, set aside. Make the Jello, set aside. Then layer...Brownie, Pudding, Whip Cream, and Toffee bits. End with Whip Cream and Toffee Bits...Voila! Death by chocolate:)


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