Two great deals this weekend!

Check out Von's Clearance tables in the back of the store. They had a 78 load laundry detergent for 50% off of it's regular price $15.49. It rang up to $7.74. I had a $2.00 OYN purchase coupon and ended up paying $6.74 for each one (I bought two). WOW! Even the lady at the cashier was impressed and checked to see if there were any more left!! Woo-Hoo!!!!
Remember when I told you guys to go and buy the Salame from Savemart when it was only $1.99?? Well, you all did so when I went they were all out...but I did get a rain check and redeemed it today. I did hold up the Express Line, but I battled through the inexperienced cahsier lady and the very kind Manager Jason and ended up paying...wait for it, wait for it...$2.97 for 3 packages!!!! My total bill before the coupon and the OYN purchase coupon from Savemart was $13.49...WOW!!!! I h ad a 78% these days!!! Don't ever forget to get a rain check on a good sale!!!


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