Grocery Coupon match-up Deals at Rite Aid

So yesterday I went to Rite-Aid and my bill was 64.00, but I paid 22.00.  I then got 6.69 back in rewards to use at my next trip at Rite Aid.  Many of you asked how do I get started to save like this at Rite Aid.  The first thing you want to do is sign-up for a rewards card at Rite Aid. You can do that in the store or online I believe.  Then you can enjoy the rewards plus when advertised.  So here was my shopping deal yesterday.

Rite Aid had 5 boxes of selected Kellogs Cereal for 10.00 plus a rewards plus for 2.00.  So basically it's 5 boxes for 8.00. I purchased 10 boxes (my sister wanted some) and had a 5.00 off 25.00 coupon, which is found on their website.  Along with their huggie Diaper sale-which was 7.99 on sale, plus a 3.00 off coupon, plus 2.00 back in rewwards.  I basically paid 2.99 for a package of Huggies Diapers.  I also added in my cart a Crest toothpaste which was 2.69.  I  had a .75 off coupon which lowered it to 1.94.  But here is the kicker, Rite Aid was giving you back 2.69 in rewards.  So it was a money maker.  You want those deals!

So as you can see, without my Rewards Card and some coupons, I would of paid 64.00 because the cereal boxes were listed as 4.19 each!  Later I will post my Vons shopping trip from yesterday...remember it's all about using your coupons with what they have on sale...


felix said…
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