Birthday Party Friday...well actually a Baby Shower today...

Today I wanted to share with you a party, not a birthday party, but a baby shower!  I just love this gal and her parties are always just as unique! And she finally got me some of her pics from her last party which happened to be a baby shower. So today, my party Friday is a sweet baby shower thrown by Michelle Temple. She is a talented photographer as well, so her pictures are AMAZING!!! Check out her pictures as well as her inspirations. She shared her party and her tips! Enjoy your Friday and go throw a party!!!

My dear friend Katie was having a boy so her sister and I put our brains together to come up with something special for her. I always have something that inspires my theme. Sometimes it is the food, colors, the invitation, most often a picture I saw on a blog, or in this case fabric. We knew we wanted to do something aqua and red so I went searching for some fabric. I get a lot of fabric and Quilters Paradise in Old Town Clovis. Now don't let the name scare you away. I am not a quilter, but they have lots of great fabric. The nice part about fabric is that you can keep reusing it. I have already used it over 3 times just since the shower. Now that I knew what my colors were exactly, it was on to finding some sort of centerpiece and add on to my theme a bit.

You will see a lot of signs at the parties I do. I think they add such a fun touch. Food especially just looks so cute with a label on it. Sometimes I just print something, punch holes and add cute ribbon like the “big sister” sign. Other times I put something in a frame. It just depends on what you have available. I recently have been making chalk board signs. These are great since you can just keep reusing them over and over again, without the hassle of printing anything.

The favors Katie's sister found off of a blog. I loved that it went great with our vintage books. We just printed the text on white card stock and cut them out. We found three different papers we liked and cut them in triangles, and glued them on top. Next we punched a hole in the top center with some brown natural looking twine we got at Michaels. This would be a great favor for all sorts of parties and you can add whatever quote you want.

Now to the food. It was an earlier shower so we did brunch style food. A lot of her family did the food. Quiche, bagels from Panera, and fruit. 

The desserts were from Frosted Cakery. I did not want to go to heavy since it was early in the day so I went with their breakfast cupcakes. I also had cake balls and desserts shots( key lime pie, and tiramisu). All the desserts  were small and mini so people would not feel like they were eating something to heavy.

I have to talk a bit about the little white vases. I have used these now at almost every event lately. They were a clearance item at Martins Silk Flowers on Blackstone. I always try to snag stuff I know is not only a great price, but that I know I will reuse over and over again. The other thing I love about these vases is that you don't have to put a lot of flowers in them to make them look full, which is a great money saver.

My final word of advise. Always keep you budget in mind or you will end up spending way to much. Simplify, borrow if you can, and use what you have! I wish all of you luck on your next party planning adventure. I hope some of these ideas will inspire you.
Michelle Temple


Sara said…
This was the sweetest shower! Michelle always does a great job! My favorite part was the muted colors and books and bird cages she used for centerpieces. It was darling!
Michelle Temple said…
Thanks Nina your blog is awesome!!

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