Push up Cupcakes and more

I am so excited about this new craze...the push up cupcakes, push up candy, push up anything your heart desires!!! They are so much fun and make any party festive! Here is what I did with my daughter's. I was short on time because I spent a lot of time on so many details-more pics to com on Friday-but I bought some mini cupcakes from the store, pushed them into the containers and voila! push up cupcakes! But, if you do this make sure to take them out of their liners...I forgot! LOL! You can put candy in these, cakes, frosting, brownies, the choices are limitless! Have fun with them! If you would like to buy some email me sugarpalooza@sbcglobal.net. Getting a new shipment in middle of May! $15.00 for 1 doz!


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