Talented Tuesday...featuring MOMS!

Good Morning...I am so excited to share with you yet another Talented Mom here in our Valley. She is a wonderful photographer whom I have known for a while now and have enjoyed seeing her blossom! So exciting to see friends become successful!!! Please help me welcome Kim from Kimberly Renee Photography! She has 4 children and she home schools them. She has a huge heart for children and does most of my photo shoots when it comes to my tables and events! She also does Christmas Photo cards during the holidays...it's never too late to book a session!!! And she is hosting a GIVEAWAY today...at the end there are directions for entering this giveaway! Take a moment to get to know Kim Moore!!!!

The way God created light inspires me the most. It brings out different colors depending on the time of day. I love how it sets a mood depending on how bold or soft it is. I love a cloudy day when the light is magical and iridescent. 

My favorite piece is the one I attached. It was one of those cloudy days when the light was soft. This shoot was at the client's home and the idea for this particular shot was the client's. She wanted to use art work that was in the home. We propped up a couple of the framed art pieces against the wall and had the baby sit in the front of them so we could see her reflection. Then we opened the front door and the light fell on the baby just right. When I look at this photo, I can't help but to wonder what this little girl was thinking about. 

I actually didn't set out to start a photography business. It was my hobby, and when I quit my other part time job so that I could focus on homeschooling my kids, I begin pondering on how I could make some extra income on the side. Then literally 2 days later, a friend of a family member asked if they could pay me to take some photos. This got the ball rolling, and my friend, Tracey Hedge, who is a photographer up in Redding, CA, encouraged me to start a business. God's timing is always perfect! I love how I can take clients when needed and arrange my photography schedule around my family instead of my family around my job. Of course there are always those hectic weeks where my job ends up taking priority, but I feel privileged that I can rearrange it the next week to keep my priorities straight. 

I'm constantly reading, taking classes, and learning more about photography. I even had the privilege to host a photography workshop at my home that Tracey Hedge taught. I don't know it all, but am a constant work in progress.

My goal with my business is to help people show their story through images. The song on my website says it all...."It happens in a blink..." The song is Blink by the band Revive. I wrote the band asking if I could use their song on my website, and they gave me permission. This cemented the theme for my site, "Show Your Story." 

With my business, I want to be a blessing to others and use the income to add margin in my family's income. I pray before every shoot and ask God to bless the people I'm with and that all I do is for Him.

One of my favorite projects are my Bride-To-Be shots. A friend of mine had a baby several years ago who was born with a heart defect. The baby needed open heart surgery as a newborn. Before surgery, she lovingly placed her baby girl in her wedding dress and took some photos. I thought this was the sweetest thing and began taking photos of my own girls in my wedding dress. I've done this for a few other clients and am beginning a collection of babies and young girls in their mothers' wedding dresses. 

I usually meet clients on location and at their homes. 1 hour is usually the perfect amount of time for a photo session and gives ample time to capture the perfect shot. Newborn sessions are usually at clients' homes so mom and baby are the most comfortable. I have "Build Your Own" packages available for families who want to plan 3 or more shoots a year for family photos, birthday parties, and/or individual shots. Session fees are at a lesser rate this way. 

My website is www.kimberlyreneephotography.com
My blog is www.kimberlyreneephotography.blogspot.com

Kimberly Renee Photography is giving away $20.00 towards a session!!!! Hurray!!!!
To Enter the $20.00 towards a session you must:
1. Become a Follower of this Blog and leave a comment for it below!
2. Become a fan of Kimberly Renee Photography on Facebook and leave a comment below saying that you are!
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That's three chances to b entered in the $20.00 gift card to Kimberly Renee Photography!!! Thanks Kim!!! And Good-Luck to everyone!!! Drawing will close on Monday May 16th, at 12:00AM Midnight! Winner will be chosen on Tuesday, May 17th!!!


Ann-Marie said…
Check, check, and check! I love Kim's work!
Sylvia said…
Just had my daughter's Senior pictures taken with Kim and they are Amazing! Shared them with a friend so that she could help us choose which one we wanted for announcements and she was Screaming she loved them so much! (Not kidding!!)
Elvira said…
All bases are covered:o)! Love Kim and love the pictures she shares of her sessions!
k.berney said…
Done and done! Kim is the best! She has a real God given talent! Love her work, especially when it involves my kids!
Tiffany McClure said…
Kim is an amazing photographer as well as an amazing person! I am always pleased with her work! My daughter loves being photographed by Kim! Kim makes it fun for her!
lindsay said…
Kim did an amazing job for me. I cherish the photos she took of is.
Aileen said…
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Anonymous said…
I love the pics!!!
Aileen said…
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Aileen said…
All 3 done! Beautiful pictures!

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