Talented Tuesday...featuring MOMS!

Good Morning! Today I have a very special mom who is taking her  talents to the clothing world! Athena got a shirt from her for her birthday and it was SO cute! Asked her where she got it from and she said she made it! So here she is as my Tuesday Mom!!! Let me introduce you to Becky Sosa with Twirly Girl Boutique! And...we have another Giveaway!!! Read on...

The thing that inspires me most about creating is my children. The products that I make have evolved as they have grown and their interests and needs have changed. I continue to make baby blankets and tutus however, it makes me sad to think that they have completely grown out of that phase! 

I can't say that I have a "favorite" piece that I have created. I have equally enjoyed it all because it makes me remember back to that point in my children's lives...whether it was them swaddled in their baby blankets or dancing in their little tutus I have fond memories of it all.

Trying to find the perfect balance between family, work, life is the neverending struggle. I have found myself at my sewing machine many a late nights long after the kids have gone to bed. Somehow it always works out in the end!

As far as what I want to accomplish with my business....right now it's just a hobby. I enjoy making things for my children, family, & friends. If it should take off in the future great, but for now I'm just having fun.

Like I said earlier, my creations keep evolving as my children grow. My latest designs are fabric applique personalized tshirts & sweatshirts. I've made a variety of things from flowers to hearts to peace signs.

And Becky is giving away a free Applique Tshirt!!! YEAH!!!! Here are 3 chances to enter:
1. Go to www.twirlygirlboutique.com and come back here and post a comment telling me what your favorite item is. 
2. Share this giveaway and that you entered it on Facebook, and come back here leaving a message that you did.
3. Become a follower of this blog, if you haven't already!
I can do a free applique tshirt as a give away...value $20.00


Michelle Amundsen said…
Becky makes the cutest stuff! Cadee has an adorable letter "C" tank top with matching flip flops that we are still loving 2 years later! I visited the website and everyting is adorable...but my fave is something I've seen on Ty Schalk. A basketball applique shirt. I really need a couple for my boys ;-) Buy one get one free (the contest) would be perfect...lol! You're awesome, Becky!
Michelle Amundsen said…
Gladly shared on my FB profile ;-)
Anonymous said…
Posted on my fb yesterday forgot to Come back here & let you know!! LOL
Annette Sanchez
Anonymous said…
Making my comment now too!!! I live the tutus on her sight! So cute & so talented!!
Annette Sanchez
Anonymous said…
I love the tutus! Super cute and lots of talent!
The baby blankets are gorgeous too! What great gifts to give!
Maria Ferry

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