Out with the old, and in with the new! It's time to begin our new year, our new us! And yet today I am held down by a nasty cold. I couldn't go work out as I planned to begin the new me. I couldn't go shopping and stock up on all green and clean food items to bring into my kitchen as we start our healthier us! I couldn't even clean out closets and finish laundry because I am achy all over and stuffed up! I only went out for some soup and crackers at Target and back to the couch I headed. So much for a new year! But I did get to do the one thing I always get to do and that is see my mom and dad and celebrate a time honored tradition of cutting the Vacilopita, or as my kids call it the lucky cake. We have done this for years in my house with my family and every year it brings so much joy. Our lucky finder of the coin was Niko this year and he was over the moon excited to be the one to find it and the luck in this New Year...looks like I need it! Happy 2013!


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