I want to say something...

I love when my dad shares with me his intimate moments he experiences with my mom. The moments we, who aren't with her all the time, tend to miss. And when he shares these points in time you can sense the severity this disease has on him. He shared how on Sunday her best friend came over with her hubby and niece to sit with her and bring some life into her home; which she so dearly loved. My mother would absolutely love unannounced visitors. They were all visiting in the back room; my mother silent unable to interact, but smiling because she just loves when Popi comes over. In a second of silence my mother spoke in Greek and said very clearly, "I want to say something..." and they all looked at her in love and waited to hear what she wanted to say-but nothing came after those words she muttered. My dad grabbed her hand and held her and her dear friends new exactly what she wanted to say without her saying another word. She was happy to be visiting with her friends and she so wanted to be apart of the conversation, but her body wouldn't let her say something. The story was shared tonight while all sitting in the car with my dad. And although it was a brief story, shared within minutes, it touched my heart how much my father loves my mother and how this brief moment was something that touched my dad's heart as he wishes she wasn't suffering from this. Love Love Love my family and although I do not know the why's and the why not's I love even more.


Anonymous said…
Touching "statement"(s).

You are so lucky to all be together.

May happiness and love be through all your days.

So poignant Nina...we have such fond memories of your mom...working in the garden...singing and full of joy...please hug her for us...she is in our hearts and prayers...Sally and Peter

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