This is my mom. The woman who gave me life, the one who molded my self confidence. The one who showed me how to be a loving wife, a devoted mother, and an inspiring person who loves to create and motivate. The one who taught me that no matter what, life is good and God is great. And although she cannot physically come over to my house on a daily basis to help me clean, point out my flaws, make sure my plants aren't dying (which they have all died), she still teaches me the ups and downs of life and the pure joy of the simplicity of love. She is doing much better than the last time I posted, she actually is holding up her head, feeding herself again, and smiles intensely when I come over. She caresses my face as if she knows me, as if she is looking in the mirror at herself. The warmth of her hand brings comfort to my soul. This is my mother. I am my mother. I will become my mother in every sense and every aspect. I embrace my mother and who I am and will become and today I enjoy the joy of loving and being in this very moment. Joy.


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