The Magic of Nordstroms


When I was a little girl my dad would take his girls (mom, my sister, and me) to San Francisco for all of our shopping needs. We'd go for back-to-school shopping, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. He'd always take us to Nordstoms and leave us there for the day! Sometimes he would even go shopping with us, patiently waiting and checking out all the goods we would try on. The Nordstroms in San Fran became a favorite place full of happy memories. My mother loved the escalators during Christmas, all dressed up in reds, greens, and ribbon galore! We would ride up and down these escalators admiring the decor and just feel like a princess. Dad knew how to make his girls feel special. And he continues to do that today with me and my sister and now our little girls as well. I took Athena to the Nordstroms in SF this weekend on our second trip to compete in gymnastics. Papou had given us his Nordstroms card and said buy yourself's a little there we were, a tradition my mom did with me, I was doing with my baby girl. And the magic of the many escalators was still alive. Provided once again by my dad. There's really nothing like that feeling of youth, innocence, and the reassurance of complete love. These memories are held closely  to my heart and fondly remembered. I hope my girls will remember this moment and the man that always likes to spoil his girls, young and old.
XOXO Dad...


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