Birthday Party Friday

Hello friends! Happy Birthday Party Friday (HBPF)! Today a friend of mine is sharing her Hello Kitty Party! I just love all the cute Hello Kitty stuff everywhere!!! Her sweet cake and her Hello Kitty Store...darling idea! Hope you get inspired and thanks DeeDee for sharing you pics!!!

Ali had her friend Ellory and cousin Joelie over for hair/make-up/nails/glitter party. My sister, Dannelle and I painted the girls' nails, curled their hair and sprayed lots of glitter in their up-do's.  They all added some jewelery and put on their frilly tulle skirts to complete the look.

I made a few paper flowers for the decorations and used cute paper inside the vases to go with the pink girlie theme!

We did a Hello Kitty Placemat craft which I pre-cut ahead of time and the girls & mom's glued on. I covered with contact paper and we took those with us when we headed to Red Robin for fries and milk shakes. The girls enjoyed the adventure out to model their new "look" and you can't beat the Fries & Milk Shakes at Red Robin. I took along one of the flower/balloon centerpieces and our Hello Kitty placemats to keep our theme going at the restaurant.

Later that evening, we met at McDonald's (Ali's choice) - although never again because it was WAY too loud in the kids area with all of the extra families in there...for a Hello Kitty themed family birthday.  I took minimal decorations, but put a flower centerpiece and Hello Kitty balloons at each of the tables. Aunt Holly Mills made the adorable Hello Kitty cake and cupcakes for the occasion. Perfect addition to the party.

For the kids "take-home" gifts, we had a Hello Kitty Store set up in Ali's doll house with toys for boys and girls and Hello Kitty candies with price tags for them to spend their Hello Kitty $1 in the store. It was a hit with the kids - they loved getting to choose their own goodies to take home with them. 

Thanks again DeeDee for sharing!!! Loved the birthday party!!!
If you have any bday party ideas, please share!!!!


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