Valetine's Day themed Candy Bar

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE love day and candy so combine them together and voila! A fabulous candy bar with love! Here is my ispiration board, courtesy of Kimberly Renee Photography...she does awesome work and was able to be there to capture my work! Thanks so much Kimberly!!!
As you can see from all the pictures, there were a lot of DIY projects that I did from the various sites I tend to visit and get inspiration from. The two-tier cake stand displayed my candy oreo cookies...always a hit at the parties! Notice how it is sitting on top of a Victoria Secret box! Love those!!!
One of my favorite creations here is my cotton candy tree. It has been done before on many sites, I am not the creator or the first person to do it, but I tried to keep from spending a lot of money on...I used snow cones and felt stickers and some ribbon, and voila! the cotton candy cones were created...not too shabby...the bin I put the tree in is from Target.
The paper balls, tutorial in previous post, were a hit. I didn't want to hang anything from the client's ceiling, so I filled up some tall jars of mine, stuck some glittery hearts on them and made big bow out of polka dotted ribbon from Costo and stuck the balls on top. Quite a show stopper!!! Loved the simplicity and low cost of the centerpieces!!! Stay tuned for more pictures...and more details!


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