Valentine's Day Candy Bar Con't.

Thanks again to Kimberly Renee Photography for the lovely pictures!!! Here are the rest of the details!

For the banner I printed out letters from my printer and cut them out on sparkled foam paper from Michaels. I just love how easy it is to work with this type of paper!!! 

The Dollar Store had these lollipops for $1.00/3 and it was such a great price and they look so cute all dolled up!

These marshmallows not only looked cute, they tasted fabulous!!!! Also from the Dollar had to buy a lot of bags to fill up one jar,  but it was worth it!!!

These are oreo cookies dipped in candy melts and set in a mold tray. I love how these come out all smooth looking and they even taste as good as they look!

Centerpieces...easy way to fill up a vase or jar is with fabric...if you have a lot of it, it is cost effective. If you don't, buying some isn't too bad. These sparkly hearts were from Michaels as well and the ribbon was from ribbon making skills cam from my mother at an early age! Thanks mom!

Finished Candy Bar

Happy Valentine's Day to all!!!


Michelene said…
So cute! I love the manzinita (totally spelled wrong) with the cones hanging. Love, love, love it!

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