The Story

Today I crashed my side door into our garage. This would be shocking, but it is the third time I have done something careless in the morning on the way to school with my garage. One would say what a horrible thing! Hope your day got better. It did. But I say this to say I consider myself a blessed individual with loving friends and family surrounding me. Other than my mishap's with my car and my garage, I would say I have little to complain about. But tonight I want to share with you a blessing that I was chosen for before I was even born. You see God chose for me someone very special, someone he picked out just for me and my family. So, here is how The Story begins...
Picture it, it's a dark summer night in Greece, and a young girl about 18 years old, gives birth to a little baby girl, one she kept a secret from her family so to not disgrace their name. She never heard her baby girl cry in fear she wouldn't be able to give her away. So that night a little girl, around 5 pounds, waited to be taken by a loving family. And who was there? Stella was there and she picked up her little bundle of joy; one she tried to conceive herself, but wasn't able to for the past 10 years of her marriage. The joy overcame her; she instantaneously became a mother! She brought her bundle of joy, which she named Sophia after her mother in law, back to the States to become a family with her husband, Paul. And there the journey began. 13 month later a bigger bundle of joy came and they named her Nina (yes I say bigger, because she weighed in at almost 10 pounds! And she remains bigger then her to this day). They were now sisters, a bond so strong, but one started before they were both born. And so The Story brings us to today. 
I want to share with you my sissy. My sissy and I have gotten into fights over clothes, never boys, who is right, and who is wrong, and everything else; even to this day. But my sissy is the greatest person in the world! She has  one of the biggest hearts I know. She would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. She loves passionately and whole heartedly. She is genuine and always wants the best for others.  Whenever I have a problem, sissy always tries to fix it with a positive perspective. She always goes out of her way to make me smile and to make me feel better. When I think I can't do something, she is the first to help me do it! When she hurts, I hurt; When she is overjoyed, I am overjoyed. I couldn't imagine my life without her. She is the best Titi, the best Sissy, the best daughter, and the best mom and wife! I am honored that God chose me to be her sissy. I love you sissy, I just thought I would remind you just how much! "Love love"...(Grace Bennett)


The Garud's said…
Nina, my eyes welled up as I recall the story again. Soph is very special to me also. She is like a older sister that God has brought to me also. There is no one like her...the size of her heart and the amount of love she has amazes me.
Sara said…
Love this story- so encouraging to hear God can make a family (and sisters for that matter) anyway He wants! Gives me a lot of hope for my sissy... So glad we serve such a BIG God!
Nina, what a beautiful way to honor your sister. Im sure she feels the same way and more about you. I also have a sister I was blessed with when I was 12. God knows how to fill our lives with the most amazing people. We just need to never take them for granted. Im going to honor her today. Thank you for your example.
So precious! I love SOPHERS! She truly is the most loving and HAPPY person I know. Always a smile on her face, always ready to help and always there to pray. She is so special and GOD'S plan is amazing! Thanks for sharing your love for Sophie - it was touching!

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