Birthday Party Friday!

It's only been a little over a year, and I have found a dear friend through my kids at school. Annette has become a dear dear friend very quickly and I am so blessed to have found such a good friend whose entire family can get along and hang out! I look forward to another summer of boating at Millerton and watching our kids grow and throwing them their parties! Which leads me into a fabulous party Annette threw for her girls last year...the theme, Pink of course! She let me boss her around, but she did ALL the work! She will be my first pick for an apprentice if that time were to ever come!!! LOL!!! Hope you enjoy the "pink"ness of everything...she really impressed all her friends that day, but we couldn't compete when her hubby pulled out the water slide bounce house in the front yard! We kinda lost all the girls! But fun was still had by all!!!! Enjoy and I hope your day is a little "pinker"!
the candy bar

The Party the balloons on the ceiling!

Some snacks at their place setting

Candy up close

The best pink gummy bears ever!!!

Cake by Frosted!

Each child got their own purse to fill up with candy!

Kids decorated their own cupcakes...and ate them! Graceful Zoe!

My beautiful friend with her girls! Can't believe a year has past...almost


Ann-Marie said…
Absolutely adorable! I love it!

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